The most anticipated series by more than 64 million fans!

This is War


At 16, Alisson has only one wish: to get away from problems and end the school year in peace. After she was abandoned by her father, she has lost trust in men and, above all, she does not believe in love. She thinks that all the boys are the same: liars, superficial, and desperate to get with any girl.

Everything changes when she meets Kian. He is different, he is not like the others … he is worse, much worse. You can only anticipate problems with Kian. After facing him, and accepting to be part of a battle of challenges where each one must change roles and carry out the activities that the other does, getting away from problems is not such an easy task.

Alisson will discover that under Kian’s impassive facade, there are other hidden challenges as well. Will Alisson be able to get away from her prejudice and get closer to Kian?

THIS IS WAR, without a doubt, will be a favorite among millions of watchers who enjoy romance, fun, witty, swoon worthy and steamy!

– The two seasons of THIS IS WAR take place in Atlanta, Georgia, and target the US-Spanglish and Latin American markets. The original novel was a success on the “Wattpad” reading platform where the author, who’s now is 24 years old, won, in 2014, the “Watty” Awards, against participants from all over the world. THIS IS WAR held a top 10 spot among its genre for more than 4 years. Its audience is made up of 81% women and 61% of readers are between the ages of 13 and 25.