Sana Sana


From a very young age they taught us that if we don’t know how something works, or we don’t know how to solve a situation, let’s leave it to magic, luck, or whatever spell it works for. This documentary series comes to reeducate us and seek a logic in those healings that were delivered to magic or strange rituals. We are going to enter the world of healers and their different ways of healing. Understand the reason for their existence and accompany them on the path of healing, not only from people seeking help, but also from a planet that needs to be healed.

From ancient Shamans to modern holistic healing centers. From Tibetan monks to a Doña who heals in a poor neighborhood.

From healing without asking for anything in return to the mega-trade in alternative medicinal products and some quasi-miraculous

A broad look at a topic that needs to be studied in depth. Without looking for answers and finding truths along the way.

6 Episodes of 1 Hour / 60 Minutes

If it doesn’t heal today, it will heal tomorrow. This series is going to take us to the heart of the healings that have no explanation in our western culture. We will accompany the healers and see first hand how they heal those who need to be healed. We will understand your vision of humans and their interaction with the planet. We will identify the most interesting cases and follow the evolution of the patients. The series will be made up of as many chapters as healers we get around the world.