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ANTARCTICA+, arises from the merger of a group of talented filmmakers in the industry who come together under a new name, but continuing the tradition of quality and prestige of Antarctica Films and associated producers.

A professional team, with many years of experience in the production of content for film and television, and led by its CEO Fernando Carranza, Antarctica + brings a new, fresh and innovative proposal to the industry, taking as the basis of all achievement, teamwork.

The changes that are happening in the industry and in the world, incite us to adapt to the new times. Working with an eye towards efficiency, quality and optimization of human and financial resources.

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Our Team

Fernando Carranza
CEO & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, studied filmmaking production and directing at NYFA, New York, USA. He has more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. After his time at Hallmark and Turner Broadcasting System, in 2003, he formed the company Antarctica Films, which he presides to this day. Producer of ``Vino Para Robar``, ``The Rememberer`` and ``El Robo del Siglo`` among others. IMDB:
Ariel Guntern
Director, Award-winning producer, director and creative, responsible for brand development and management of a global portfolio of 17 television signals such as TNT, Cartoon Network, Warner Channel and TCM in the Latin American market. VP of Production and Creative Direction of TBS Latam for two decades. Responsible for leading a creative team of more than 100 employees scattered around the capitals of Latin America as well as Atlanta. Visual expert and content development for original series. IMDB:
Producer, Producer with extensive experience in creating and launching TV channels such as TNT, Cartoon Network, Cinecanal, Movie City, The Film Zone, Sundance Channel and PSN. Freelance writer and producer of television hits for the Univision and Telemundo networks. Founding partner of PM3 advertising agency, positioning it as one of the 10 most successful Latino agencies in the United States. IMDB :
Danilo Quispe
CFO, A 16-year partner of Antarctica Films and a veteran international finance executive with a proven track record of working in the broadcast media industry with experience in multilingual negotiations and global budgeting. Extensive experience in Latin America and the United States. His Know How of accounting for complex productions and in locations scattered around the planet guarantees the smooth operation and viability of all the company's audiovisual ventures. IMDB :
Marcela Carranza
Writer, Doctor in clinical-forensic psychology, specializing in criminology and licensed as a psychologist in the state of Florida, USA. She completed her doctoral residency at Twin Towers Correctional, Los Angeles, CA and has more than 12 years of experience in the correctional system. Her research area is psychopathy. Marcela has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a writer and singer and 15 years as a voting member of NARAS. Founder and CEO of Prende Enterprises, LLC, a company that positions itself in the area of disruptive technological innovation and social impact.
Carina Rodriguez
Custom Designer, Dr. Carina Iris Rodriguez is a graduate of the National University of Cuyo as a Specialist Dentist in Aesthetics, and has more than twenty years of experience. Image and style consultant trained at the ``Maison Aubele`` Private Institute. She is an expert in Personal and Professional image. Currently adviser to politicians, executives and celebrities. Fashion and Beauty communicator in audiovisual media, both editorial and cinematographic as a specialist in Costume Designer.
Marcelo Bustos
Legal Affairs, Graduated in law from the University of Buenos Aires, he has more than 25 years of experience in international negotiations. Founding partner of Estudio Lanata - Bustos Álvarez y Asociados and has legally represented Antarctica since 2005. He is in charge of negotiations and contracts, managing all legal aspects in original productions, with talents and intellectual properties.
Jimena Castillo
Art Director, graduated in Advertising Graphic Design in 2000. She developed her entire career in the area of Branding and Art Direction. She worked for international companies in the Branding area, both in commercials and film; intervened in national and international productions within which are ``Vino para Robar`` and ``The Rememberer``. Since 2008 to present time she's been working as Art Director for Antarctica Films.
Vanesa Belen Ulloa
Coordinator Producer, BA in Social Science and International Trade, specialist in new professions through the internet and Postgraduate in Intangible Cultural Heritage. self-taught way since 2009 I have learned about ancestral knowledge related to ethnobotany, sharing with different communities in Latin America. Facilitator of healing techniques based on Reiki, Deeksha, Access Bars and Entheogens. Representative of the Raíces del Sol Foundation. Member of the Gen Foundation; Procannva Subcommittee - General Roca Chamber of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. Argentine Cannabis Confederation. Extensive traveling experience, connecting with individuals and networking as tool to expand knowledge when developing projects having a global perspective, giving a triple impact vision.